1st Berg chevau-legers

Flag of the 1st Regiment. Carried on a plain wooden stave topped by a gilt spear-shaped finial. Double gold cords and tassels were carried attached immediately below the finial. Noticeably smaller than it's Infantry variant.(Flag Source)

Allegiance Edit

A regiment of the Light Cavalry of the The Grand Duchy of Kleve Berg, a client state of the French Empire.

History Edit

  • 1807 – Regiment created.
  • 1808 – 4 Companies of the Regiment go the Spanish Border with Marshal Joachim Murat (3 on foot, the Garde de Corps Mounted), 2 of which continue with him to Madrid (by this time both were mounted).
  • Summer 1808 – Several men ride to Naples with Murat and another group link up with the French Guard while the rest are combined with 4 new Companies in Berg to become the Green coated Chasseurs. It was this last lot that went on to serve in the 1809 Saxon Campaign.
  • 1809 – Having returned from the Peninsular War the 1st and 2nd Squadrons were posted in Versailles while the 3rd and 4th went home to Berg for further training and were there for the Austrian Invasion.

Organisation Edit

  • 1000 men in 4 Squadrons made up of 2 Companies each.
  • Included 1 Company of Garde de Corps.

Uniforms (Approx.) Edit

Date Coat Trim Hat
1807 Pale Yellow Rose Shako
1808 Dark Green

Available sets Edit