4th Berg Inf

Flag of the 1st Battalion of the 4th Regiment (1809-1813), Reg. number in the top corner and Batt. number in the bottom corner. (Flag Source)


 Allegiance Edit

A Line Infantry Regiment of the The Grand Duchy of Kleve Berg, a client state of the French Empire.

History Edit

  • October 1808 – Made up of Battalions from the existing 1st, 2nd and 3rd Regiments.

Organisation Edit

  • 1809 – 2 battalions with 6 companies (1 Grenadier, 4 Fusilier and 1 Votigeur) of 120 men + 1 Depot-Kompagnie.

Uniforms (Approx.) Edit

Company 1 (Gren) 2 (Fusil) 3 (Fusil) 4 (Fusil) 5 (Fusil) 6 (Volt)
Facings Sky Blue