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Made up the bulk of the French Empire's Infantry as well as the Armies of Frances Client States.

Uniform and Equipment Edit

Coats Edit

  • Pre 1806: Shortages lead to a motley appearance.
  • 1907: French army changes back to blue uniforms after experimenting with white.
  • Pre 1810: False turnbacks on coat tails reaching short of the bottom.
  • Pre 1812: Open lapelled long tailed (knee level) jacket.
  • 1812: Open lapelled short tailed jacket, lapels square at the waist.
  • 1815: Double-breasted, Square lapelled, short-tailed jacket or habit-veste.
  • Greatcoats widespread, often carried on top of haversack.

Headgear Edit

  • Optional covers for campaign.
  • 1806: Bicornes begin to be replaced by shakos.
  • 1807: Diamond plate on shakos.
  • 1810: Chinscales introduced officially despite having been used before.

Gaiters/Footwear Edit

  • Often covered with trousers.
  • Pre 1815 - End above the knee.
  • Post 1815 - Shortened to end below the knee.

Weapons/Equipment Edit

  • Frogged bayonet scabbard and cartridge pouch on a single crossbelt over the left shoulder.
  • Provided their own canteens.

Flag Edit

  • 80 cm Square (11mm in 1/72).
  • Pre 1811: Diamond tricolour design.
  • 1812: Vertical tricolour design.

Sergeants/NCOs Edit

  • Three chevrons indicates over 20 years service. (One  sleeve by regulation).
  • Sword on left hip in a combined sabre/bayonet frog.

Officers Edit

  • Mounted in battle.
  • Gorget at the throat generally worn for formal occasions rather than in battle.
  • Medals, etc officially discouraged.

Drummers Edit

  • 2-3 per Company
  • Most drummers wore the imperial livery by 1815.

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