Allegiance Edit

Part of the Infantry arm of the Army of the The Kingdom of Saxony, a client state of the French Empire.

Regiments Edit

Post 1810 Reorganisation Edit

 Pre 1810 Uniforms (Approx.) Edit

Company 1-4 (Musk) 5 (Gren)
Coat White
Trim White
Hat Bicorne (Black) Bearskin

  Post 1810 Uniform and Equipment (Approx.)Edit

Company 1-4 (Musk) 5 (Gren)
Hat French shako (Black), covers on campaign (Black, Brown or Cream)

Hat decorations

White Shako Cords Red Shako Cords
‘V’ shaped leather reinforcing bands on the sides

White Saxon cockade with button colour ribbon

Brass shield and crown

Brass chin-scales

Coat White Bardin coat

7 buttons on each lapel

Crossbelts White
Legwear White or Black gaiters on parade

White breeches on parade

Grey Trousers on campaign

Shoes Black
Greatcoat Grey Grey with red collar
Musket Saxon design with brass fittings

Red leather sling

Sword Straight-blade

No D-shaped handle guard

No sword knot

Curved Blade

D-shaped handle

Red and White Sword Knot

White belt and Red leather scabbard
Pack Raw Leather with White straps and Grey blanket roll
NCOs A Regimental button colour band around the top of the shako
Officers Brass band around top of the shako

Plume held by a brass fitting .

Brass gorget

Gold buttons and cords

White gloves

Epee on waistbelt

Drummer Shoulder nests piped with the facing colour.

Brass drums, hoops painted with white and facing colour diagonal stripes running right to left.

Standard Bearer
Sapper Red Leather apron

Regimental facing colour emblem left arm


Beard or Moustache

Regimental Artillery Edit

  • 1809 – 2 captured Austrian 4lb field guns were issued each Regiment.
  • Post 1812 – Most of the guns lost in Russia and not replaced.

Available sets

  • Hat 8187 "1806 Saxon infantry"